Concrete House Escape Game

Concrete House Escape

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Be very quick on this escape here if you choose to try it, for your or one's survival here might be at great risk. Concrete House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by 8b Games.

Kim woke-up and he thought where was he? He slowly started to remember that he had been kidnapped recently and right-now, he seems to be in a house here which wasn't painted but had furniture. This is clearly a bad-guy's territory and him being there is still a mystery, for he isn't rich enough or had any enemies that can do something like this to him. At the moment, there seems to be nobody in the place but him, they might have left or something for Kim could not hear anything except his breathing. This might be the last chance he'll have so he can escape from this situation.

Escape players, this will not be easy for Kim and for all of you, but can you all escape from the house here as quickly as possible so this can be reported then to the authorities? Go ahead and bring-in the best of your skills as well as your logic here, for that will be the only things that can get Kim out of there. Be quick then and hidden like a ninja.

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