Rescue The Stork Game

Rescue The Stork

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A kind of rare animal here in this area is currently in a bind! Would you be compassionate enough to help it? Rescue The Stork is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

Living in a small wooden house in the wilderness brings-in a lot of advantages but even then it has its disadvantages, for humans are social creatures and the healthy dose of company is at least a couple of times per day, that's where you are unhealthy. Each and every day, your companions are your farm animals there and also the wild ones, but one day however you found something and it's very different than the typical animals that you see everyday!

You found a weirdly-colored stork and it's quite different, must be a new species of stork! But that's just the least of the concern right-now for that said stork is actually trapped in something and what in the world? How could there be a trap here in this isolated area? Escape players, you have to rescue that stork there and maybe you can find clues of whoever set that cage. Stay alert then or you might end-up on the sights of someone who set that revolting contraption.

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