Locked In Escape – Dentist Office

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Going to the dentist can be scary especially if your a kid or just as scared of needles, here’s your chance to try and escape from such! Locked In Escape – Dentist Office is another new point and click office escape game made by Selfdefiant.

What a tiring day, and after arriving at his house, Randall quickly went to sleep at his room for he knows there will be another tough grind at work tomorrow. But that’s not the situation he expected to be waking-up into though, for in his sleep he keeps hearing not typical noises, he then opened his eyes and saw he was not in his room anymore!

Randall saw white walls which was not his room’s color and he thought, was he dreaming? Clearly not for he can sense everything, but where he was ain’t something he expected. He was in a dentist’s office and when he panicked because he isn’t suppose to be there, the people in the place started to calm him down but no, he isn’t suppose to be there and going to the dentist as well as everything else scares the heck out of him. Escape players, Randall needs help here to escape from the dentist’s office which he really did not know why he was even there. Be quick and try not to hurt anyone in your struggle to find a secret path out or something.

Walkthrough video for Locked In Escape – Dentist Office


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