Comfortable Study Room Escape Game

Comfortable Study Room Escape
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Fred's room is the most cozy in the entire house, that's why there is no other place to concentrate peacefully but in his room, also because the rest is just too noisy or not at all cozy. Sometimes Fred's younger brothers and sisters would go to his room and sleep, sometimes even study, but not always though for Fred is the boss in his room and they can't enter when he needs the space. It had been months since there was no school, that's why Fred is concentrating on self-study for there was no other way, he also doesn't want his head becoming dull so he keeps up. One day, Fred spent a lot of time in his room and covered a lot of topics, guess he needs a little breather outside now, but that's if he can escape from his room first though.

Fred realized that his door was somehow jammed and even though this needs extra help, he'll decided on solving this himself just to see if he can. Of course there is an option to call for help but for you escape players, there isn't. Escape players, play as Fred here and see if you can escape from his room using only what you can find which you can reach. Ready now and may you solve this quickly.

Comfortable Study Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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