School Boy Rescue (Ekey Games) Game

School Boy Rescue (Ekey Games)
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It's finally time for school but the boy is not making it easy for his helpers to prepare him. The kid was running around and avoiding them all for he doesn't want to go to school and just wants to play. That got Andrea his mother involved for they are really having a hard-time in getting him. One factor that's making it hard was the house because it was wide and has a lot of hiding places. Andrea must find him soon before he gets late and another thing was about him getting himself in danger in the place, she doesn't wanna have to rescue him for that would mean he is hurt so she just wants to get this over with before something bad happens.

Escape players, will you help Andrea here get her boy somewhere in the place before he gets in-trouble due to his running and hiding? If this gets longer then he will definitely get late to school. Find clues here then now matter how slight so that can lead you to the hiding place of that kid, he should be inside some cabinet or something.

School Boy Rescue is a brand new point and click house search escape game released by Ekey Games.

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