Rescue The Black Panther Game

Rescue The Black Panther

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Rangers have been sent-out to the forest for there is a loose black panther from the zoo! The committee is really concerned for there are a whole-lot of disadvantages if that animal is not capture. It could attack someone, it might thrive and disrupt the naturally occurring wildlife there, or get captured by some poachers and sell it for their gain. That's why the rangers are out and on high alert, one of those rangers was Daryl and he thinks he might be on to something as he searches for the animal.

Daryl found tracks and he thought to himself then, looks like this big cat rescue is going to be on him. He readied himself and radioed a few of his co-workers, but they are quite far so it might take a while until they get to him. The path slowly led Daryl to a place where a house is at, there is a chance that the panther got captured by someone and it might be trapped inside that house, or it's just inside taking shelter. Either way Daryl must do his job in rescuing that panther even if he has to wrangle it, hopefully it doesn't suffer much for he cannot afford in losing it. Escape players, come help Daryl here as he rescues the black panther, careful now for it can cause serious injury if it means business.

Rescue The Black Panther is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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