Rescue The Little Cub Game

Rescue The Little Cub
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Hunters and poachers have really made the forest a scary land, only a few would dare go there now for fear of getting attacked by the bandits there. But that day however Theodore most go in there for his cub whom he takes care of just escaped and it went straight to the dangerous forest! Theodore doesn't want to go in there but for the sake of the young animal, there is no other way and he knows his conscience won't let him rest anyways.

Theodore enters in the forest and he did that as discretely as he can, not standing-out and just blending in the shadows, he needs to be careful of traps too for he can get caught in those as well. Escape players, Theodore is heading deeper into the forest here to rescue the animal he is taking-care of, this is foolish for the enemy are vast in numbers compared to him who was only one, but he hopes that his cover will really do its job. Come and play as Theodore here everyone, ready for what will come against you as you rescue the potentially captured animal.

Rescue The Little Cub is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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