Colony Gate Escape

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In all of the vastness of this green wilderness, there is a small patch of land which was enclosed by a wall and has a few gates. It was called the colony and it had been thriving once, but something happened there though which eventually turned the place into a ghost town. As a person who likes places such as that, Armin went there for he wanted to see what he can find there and what discoveries he’ll be the first to uncover. Well little did he know that the discoveries he will find there seems to be the kind that made the residents there to leave the settlement!

Armin was definitely delighted when he saw the place, for he liked such places. But it seems that the colony doesn’t like him back though, for he is now lost there and not only that, for one of the gates there is now locked! Armin was told that the gates there are all open, but now he is seeing one that is locked. This is getting scary now, and Armin is pretty scared for his life here. Escape players, want to help Armin here escape before his chance to do so becomes in some ways impossible?

Colony Gate Escape is a new point and click outdoors escape game developed by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Colony Gate Escape

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