Skulk Fox Escape

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This strange looking fox keeps entering the town here, and every time Samuel shoos it so it will return to the forest. He know his fellow townsfolk there and if somebody else finds this creature roaming around the place then it is game over for this one, for they will definitely make a profit out of it thanks to its beautiful looks. That day, Samuel didn’t see the fox and he thought maybe that joyful and persistent thing have finally had it with him? But he was actually wrong about that.

Samuel roamed around his home for a bit for he was trying to remember what he needs to do there, but as he was checking stuff there he actually found the said fox! But the creature was not in the best spot right now however. Escape players, Samuel found the fox inside his shed there and it’s trapped. It’s really a good thing that the creature got trapped in his shed and not someone else’s. Now for the millionth time he’ll bring it back to the forest again but first he needs to free it. Want to help Samuel here then so that the fox can return to where it belongs?

Skulk Fox Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Skulk Fox Escape

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