Chubby Boy Escape From Forest Game

Chubby Boy Escape From Forest

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For days now, people have been on the search for this missing boy whom they thought they will never find anymore, well that's because the area he got lost into is a vast forest and it had already been days now, every passing moment is time wasted here and for the kid's survival, it gets slimmer. Still nobody is giving-up until he is found. As one of the rescuers, Damon was on the search as well following trails and other signs that would hopefully lead him to the kid. As lucky as he was however, Damon actually followed the right signs and eventually he found the kid! But unfortunately the young one is not in a good situation at the moment.

Damon found the kid inside a cage inside some boulder and when he found it he was astonished how the thing was built! It seems like a trap made for bears or something, or it could really be for people? Well whoever did this they will all definitely find-out, but first Damon must rescue the kid here for he bets this one is hungry for he was even chubbier in the sample photos he was given. Escape players, want to help Damon here on the rescue and see if you can get the boy out quickly?

Chubby Boy Escape From Forest is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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