Snake Resort Escape Game

Snake Resort Escape

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The snake resort was now welcoming guests and as it opens, David really took the opportunity to be staying there for the accommodations there are great, the houses are fully furnished and most luxurious for its price. And so David arrives in the place and immediately he used all the limited time he has there for fun, the snake resort was even better now and of course the place wouldn't be called snake resort without the captive-bred snakes, those are also pretty fascinating as well. But as he roams around the place that day, he never realized that the resort was more than just new him, that's because in some parts there he even got lost and at that moment he is having a hard-time navigating!

David got lost in the resort in a part he had never really been to before and he needs help which at the moment, he seem to can't get for staff are really nowhere to be found! Escape players, how are you going to get yourself back then if you were David here? Place yourself on his shoes then and try to navigate until you find your way to familiar grounds.

Snake Resort Escape is another new point and click area escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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