Christmas Whimsical Tree Escape Game

Christmas Whimsical Tree Escape

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The whimsical tree which was the only one in the land as they know of is very beautiful during the winter, that's why one Christmas day, Haley went to the place again to see this tree even though it is not really easy to travel from her village to the seemingly modern town where it stands. As she arrives she noticed that the place seems different, but she brushed it off and tried to navigate to the tree. She found it eventually and as ever, it was beautiful. Maybe she'll spend more time in the town here but first she needs to get back home so she can get her friends and so they can travel in a group, but there was some trouble with that unfortunately and it is becoming a real problem.

Haley could not navigate the town anymore at least easily and that's because the place had really changed! She was really confused what was going-on and she knows it isn't the snow that's eluding her. It could be that the place had a lot of development in just under a year? Likely, but she can't do anything about that right-now and she can only adjust to that. Escape players, will you help Haley out so she can get herself to familiar grounds and then out of there?

Christmas Whimsical Tree Escape is a brand new point and click snowy place escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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