Hidden Away 02 Game

Hidden Away 02

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In Hanson's investigation, his leads brought him to a luxurious village with townhouses each occupying a big area! This place is definitely lavish in the modern sense, each structure looked like a beautiful office rather than a house, he bets this place will really get people broke just to acquire. But right-now Hanson came here to finish his job and that is to really solve the crime he was tasked which was said to be solved but not yet closed.

Escape players, Hanson is going to search for clues here and evidences for leads points to this huge place. He needs to be quick as well for his time is really limited here and he was only privileged to enter for he talked his way in with the security. Hanson was really good at that, but will he be good enough to solve this crime he is currently tasked to? Escape players, why don't you aid him then? Use the best of your skills and logic as well for crimes are solved by thinking outside of the box, so too you must.

Hidden Away 02 is another new point and click investigative escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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