Christmas Party Room Escape Game

Christmas Party Room Escape

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One place that is absolutely celebrating Christmas too is north pole where Santa lives! The elves there will all be celebrating even the villagers who help run Santa's place, when of course Santa arrives from his mission of delivering gifts. For now everyone is busy with making gifts and monitoring Santa's tracks for if ever something happens, they should respond to it. For the celebration though which will happen when Santa returns, it will be held at the Christmas party rooms as always and there is a team for that as well in preparing that place. A part of that team was the helper elf Hitch and at the moment, she was in-charge of the place for the entire team was being needed for the food preparation. Hitch took the task for she knows she can deal with it, it's not like she haven't done something like this before, but little did she know something will happen there which was a thing that had never happened before.

Hitch was just cleaning the place up and preparing the tables as well as the warmth of the place when she realized she could no longer open the doors! Hitch was confused why the doors would not open, the other doors would not open as well! Hitch is now in some problem here she doesn't understand yet, hopefully it's just a prank for if this is serious then this must be dealt with. Escape players, come and help Hitch here escape from north pole's party house so she can prepare the place and so, it can then accept the food as soon as those are done.

Christmas Party Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 4 Escape.

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