Christmas Blue House Escape (Games 4 Escape)

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The luxurious house in the outskirts of the city have opened its doors again for Christmas. What decorations will the beautiful house show this time? People went of course and all will be accommodated, the house is pretty huge and through the years it had never been full ever! One of the first visitors there was Ponce and he loves the place really, that’s why that day he will venture more in there especially the ones that will not be used for in the previous years of his visits, he was never able to but now he’ll definitely will.

And so visitors came and so did Ponce, it was indeed a fancy visit but a bit weird one too for there are only a few who came, but there are still more days that the place will be open so maybe they’ll come in flocks in the other days. It is good for Ponce however, for few people means few security, that way he can venture around a bit freely. Well that however will get him in trouble, for he seems to have underestimated the place, and now he is lost in the halls of this vast abode! Escape players, Ponce is in a situation now which he surely regretted, will you help him out by getting back to the main hall for he seems to have had enough of this? Use your skills then and be careful, for any wrong move can get you deeper into it.

Christmas Blue House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 4 Escape.