Fun Size House Rescue Game

Fun Size House Rescue

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The farmer is the only source of produce in the area, well at least the nearest one for the next is the market which was quite some ways away. That day, Donald wanted to get his weekly produce for there is no other time he can get some because his work is piling at home. He arrives at the land and when he looked around for the farmer, he was nowhere to be found which was weird, for he is always outside doing the farm's chores. Donald called for him and at first he heard nothing, when he listened carefully though he heard something very subtle coming from inside the house!

Donald quickly went then for he remembered that the farmer who was also quite a friend of his, told him that his basement door is problematic and he thought maybe the guy is finally trapped down there! Well as lucky Donald was in guessing, he was actually right! The farmer is indeed trapped in the room there in his own house due to a busted door or something. Donald cannot neglect the farmer there or not only that'll be a huge loss for the area, but as a person he needs to give him a hand. Escape players, want to help Donald here help the farmer escape from being trapped in his own home?

Fun Size House Rescue is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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