Chocolate Day Escape Game

Chocolate Day Escape

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It's chocolate day in the country and Harvey who was one famous chocolate maker in the place, will drive to his shop and provide free samples to the people out in the town. He had enough supply, for Christmas wasn't a best seller and even Valentines, it got slow this year but maybe in the next he'll have more customers from outside the country. Harvey readied himself but unfortunately though, there was a problem, for he can no longer escape his home because the doors are mysteriously locked!

Harvey was thinking about what he had done earlier or the day previously, maybe he engaged a lock or something? Maybe the lock broke? Harvey was recalling everything, but eventually he decided to just find another way out of his home for he is running late now. Escape players, there must be another way to open the door but without using force to it, will you have an idea how before the chocolate maker who was Harvey becomes late? Place yourself on the shoes of Harvey here then, keep your eyes peeled for other things if one way doesn't work.

Chocolate Day Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape.

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