Inside Abandoned Room Escape Game

Inside Abandoned Room Escape

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Rudy did not expect he is going to get trapped in the old abandoned house that day, for he thought it was rickety enough that he can just force the door open, but he had another thing coming however for when he went to the place to reuse anything that he can find, he got trapped in! At first Rudy was finding useful items which are just on some pile of trash collecting dust in the rooms, but when he had his fill with all the random items he found, that's where he realized he got trapped in there for when he checked the door, it was now jammed!

Rudy placed all his force on the door but it seems that somebody had blocked it from the outside, why would they do that? Maybe he is trespassing into someone's home or something? That could have triggered the inhabitants and decided to trap him in! If that's the case, then Rudy must escape right-now before they come for him for trespassing. Escape players, Rudy will have no help if this thing becomes worst, will you join him and help him out safely before that happens?

Inside Abandoned Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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