Chipmunk Forest Rescue Game

Chipmunk Forest Rescue

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You fell in love with the chipmunks from the movie. You knew very well that they were just computer generated creatures. However, your heart just wouldn't listen. You wanted to have your very own chipmunks as well. So you went to the forest to find one. Your friend heard about your plan and was just holding back his laughter. Then with a slightly straight face, he asked you why the forest when you could have gone to the pet store. You thought about it for a while and agreed that he had a point. Then again, you didn't want the pet store owners to feel that they needed to capture more animals to sell. Your friend smiled an awkward smile and let you go on your way. You felt proud at what you did. Your plan was just to find some chipmunks that needed rescuing.

The birds were chirping when you arrived in the forest. You couldn't help but feel happy instantly. It seemed like you were once an animal in your past life that you just have to be in nature to feel great. You saw some chipmunks running through the branches but none that needed help. So you just continued walking around until you couldn't tell the way out while meeting a chipmunk who needed your help. Play Chipmunk Forest Rescue outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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