Farm Fox Forest Rescue

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There are so many wild foxes out there but yours is tame. You love your fox so much. He is different among others so you are happy to keep him in your farm. The forest is too wild and he doesn’t belong in there. You often hear howls of wild foxes in the forest. That really doesn’t bother you until you realized that your fox is not in the farm. That could have been your precious fox so you went to the forest to rescue him. He sounds so afraid so you have to move quickly. The problem is, this forest is too huge and there are so many paths that you can take. The good news is, there are hints around the forest that can lead you to where your fox is.

But in addition to that, you also have to solve the puzzles that you will encounter before you can reunite with your fox. You should not worry too much because there are items that you can use to solve those. The only thing that you have to do is to use your logic to complete the rescue. Farm Fox Forest Rescue is the newest outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule. Good luck!