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Cave Man

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While on an adventure in the forest, you met a cave man. At first you wanted to run away. He didn't look too friendly. In fact he looked wild. You didn't want to judge him but you just wanted to be safe. In your attempt to get away from him, you stumbled and hurt tour ankle. You wanted to pretend like it was nothing as you inch away from him with the remaining strength that you have. But he just looked at you and waited for whatever move you were planning next. Finally, you gave up on trying to run away and just sat there staring at your ankle. You were just waiting for whatever fate would give you. Then you saw the man slowly moving towards you. He sat down and took your ankle, wrapped something around it and asked you questions.

He had a smart way of asking questions. And your conversations continued until you were able to walk. You started visiting him more often to hear his adventures. But one day, his cave was closed. You called out to him and heard a faint reply from inside. Play Cave Man room escape game by First Escape Games.

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