Cherished Baby Chick Escape

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The poultry farm is the town’s biggest source for eggs and chickens, aside from goat’s milk and fresh vegetables as well. As the owner of the farm, Julius’ expertise is mainly in poultry. He works hard and he takes care of his place at least 5 to 6 times per week just to keep everything in line, but at times though there are mischievous homeless dogs that traverses his area and they play with his dogs as well as chase the his animals! That causes chaos and disorder to the point he needed to put-up work then to bring back everything in their places. That day even, those wild things did something again and now, his delicate young chicks just got displaced!

Julius’ cherished this said batch of chicks, for they are a hybrid that he developed, he is already close to a breakthrough and now those dogs have damaged that! Julius spent hours collecting all his runaway chicks, in the end he got them all except for one. Julius needs to find that last one now for each and every one of his hybrids here is important to him, well that’s because it wasn’t easy doing this with all of the time consumed and strict processes. Escape players, Julius needs a little help here in finding his last missing chick which was still somewhere in the town or in his area hiding. Will you help him before it gets dark?

Cherished Baby Chick Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.