Stickman Escape

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The stickman is the smartest asset the authorities have, not only he is excellent at espionage, he is quite intelligent on a lot of things. But that day though something got the best of him and he couldn’t solve the problem, worse is that it even happened in his own home! As an investigator, Randy received the transmission to his radio and it’s from the stickman needing help. He said he is trapped in a room in his house and he is starting to think that this is something now. Something that the people he aggravated due to his very effective work would do.

Randy of course will help his asset, for this is what they agreed upon when he joined and given his services. And so, Randy prepared his things and just under an hour, he is in the house. The front-door was not locked at all, that made Randy even more on-edge for this could be something indeed. Escape players, Randy is in the other side of the door now where the stickman is trapped. He needs to be very careful here as he opens the doors, for this could be rigged or something. Escape players, want to help on this rescue here for the stickman by placing yourself on the shoes of Randy?

Stickman Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.