Cheerful House Escape Game

Cheerful House Escape

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The cheerful house as the broker have told Crissy is a place that will mysteriously bring its inhabitants the instant feeling of happiness and sometimes glee! Nobody can explain that but it's making a positive impact to people so that day without further bumps and snags, Crissy made the place hers and after a week she is now living in it happily. The place was even more modern than she had expected, and there was this fact that the place is giving-off a happy aura and it's definitely working. At the peak of her happiness however, something came-up and it suddenly brought concern after that.

Crissy could not open some of the doors and it got worst when all of it just wouldn't budge! She was concerned if she had damaged something or anything, but eventually she came to a realization that this could be something else and she might not be able to escape the place! That's when Crissy thought she needs to escape out of the house now for she is feeling unsafe. That's absolutely a far-cry from being happy, will you help Crissy out escape players and if possible find some answers as well what had happened?

Cheerful House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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