Beach Road Bike Escape Game

Beach Road Bike Escape

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Somebody pulled a prank on someone and it was quite a serious one, for it involved sabotaging something very pricey. There was this tourist whom Billy heard from the people in the beach who just got tripped on. As a person who was in-charge of the place and patrols it, he must respond to that and more so especially when he found-out that the pranksters just dismantled the motor of that tourist and scattered the parts all-over the beach! That is definitely a serious offense and that makes them punishable by law. Well first Billy must help the guy out for it was very unfortunate that something like this had to happen to him.

Escape players, here is another challenge which must be solved by finding things in an area. Will your skills and logic find the rest of the missing parts of the motor around the beach and quickly before those parts get picked-up by the trash unit or any other persons? Place yourself on the shoes of Billy then and help a guy who desperately needs a hand.

Beach Road Bike Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval outdoors escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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