Charleston Game


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You only had a few days off from work this year for Charleston. If last year you were able to spend a week off, this year, you would only have a few days. There were many changes taking place in your workplace. And almost all of you needed to work overtime to make sure the changes were properly handled. Your clients shouldn't suffer for anything they had no control of. And your boss was very particular with it. You just sighed as you looked at the amount of work you needed to accomplish. However, you knew that running away from it would just make the bulk bigger. So you slowly accepted in yourself that your vacation for this year would just have to wait until the next year. You tried to finish as much as you could before leaving for lunch when you heard your office mates talking.

The topic seemed interesting and you couldn't close your ears to them. They were talking about going somewhere for a few days. You laughed a little as you knew there weren't many free days. But they found a long weekend. You checked your calendar and saw it too. So you went to Charleston, West Virginia with the free time you had. You enjoyed greatly that the route home disappeared from your mind. Play Charleston outdoor escape game by Hooda Math.

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