Rescue Fantasy Horse Game

Rescue Fantasy Horse

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In your dream you were in a dark place with colors so dull but where a fantasy horse could be found. You blinked a couple of times hoping the colors would change. But it seemed like the place had no chance of changing. So you just made use of your other senses to navigate through the location. With the surroundings so dark, you were just waiting for something jump out and attack. You had no way of fending it off. All you could do was just to run away. But until that something appeared, you just had to explore the place. You didn't read anything scary before falling asleep. You likewise didn't even think of anything creepy. Last night, as you were about to doze off, you even watched some old travel videos. It made you smile even as you were starting to lose your consciousness.

Then you remembered the horse you rode on an island. And then the dream started. You thought the horse might have something to tell you. The island was quite mysterious and you were just waiting for something weird to happen. But it seemed like it wanted to manifest itself in your dream and the horse was how it got there. Play Rescue Fantasy Horse room escape game by NSR Games.

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