Hooda Escape Connecticut

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Snow! You smile ear to ear as your friend invited you over to Connecticut to experience the snow. You packed your bag with the best winter clothing in your closet. However, it made your bag quite heavy. You can’t keep it with you on the cabin. So you paid for it to be checked in. On the way there, you can’t help but imagine making snow angels on the white glistening snow. Likewise you imagine playing snow ball fights with your friend. Then you’ll be drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows on it. You’ll be sitting near the window and watch the snow gently falling. Your thoughts gave you a wonderful time on the plane. You looked out the window and saw your destination. After a few minutes you landed and your friend met you. The snow was amazing. It was very close to what you imagined.

Your friend drove you to your accommodation. She left you there to rest for a while as she went back home to gather supplies for your get together. However, you can’t sit still with excitement. So you went out and walked around. You got so caught up with the snow that you weren’t able to remember the directions you took. The snow storm made your situation worse. Play Hooda Escape Connecticut outdoor escape game by Hooda Math.