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Kha Nyou Escape

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The heat was a bit unbearable at your country. So you decided to leave for a while and spend some time abroad. However, upon checking the air fare and your budget, you realized your dream destination would have to wait. You looked for other places where you could spend your time within your budget. The place you chose was Laos. You knew the heat there would be the same or even worse. But it somehow didn't matter as long as it was a new place. You prepared for the place by reading lots about it and bringing anything that could cool you down. Then again, you didn't prepared a lot for the places to visit. You wanted to surprise yourself with wherever you might find yourself in. After a while, you found yourself in a village. The people there were very friendly to you.

So you continued your exploration until you saw a boy with a creature inside the cage. You looked at it closely and realized it was a baby rat squirrel. It still needed its mother to grow stronger. But the boy didn't want to let it escape and be with its mother. You knew the creature needed to return to its mother soon. You talked to the boy and you both figured out a way to save the Kha Nyou. Play Kha Nyou Escape room escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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