Celtic Warrior Escape

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Allen found the strangest thing in the wilderness that day, an old trailer home big enough for one person only, some strange stuff around it, and a person inside a life-size cage beside it! Allen was completely confused what he saw there, especially when he asked the person if he did this to himself or is this his place, for he saw that he was dressed in what looks like a Celtic attire complete with real weapons! Okay, this is already a bit too much for Allen, for that day he only ventured around to admire nature and now this? And plus he can’t understand what the person was saying for he spoke in what seems to be Nordic or old northern European language or something.

Allen is pretty scared that the man might attack him if he frees him, for his weapons are definitely real, it almost looks like he had been transported from the olden times to here in the future. Well whatever this is, he just thought the guy could have had a mental breakdown and dressed himself as a Celtic warrior, locked himself inside a cage and then spoke in some unheard of to him language. Okay, pretty logical, but now it is time to free him just to see what would happen and get some answers then. Escape players, imagine you are Allen here and the situation is yours to handle. Would you free the man dressed as a Celtic warrior from the cage that’s keeping him in? Slowly now for currently the trapped man is as dangerous as an unpredictable beast here, so be very careful.

Celtic Warrior Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Celtic Warrior Escape


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