Leonard has a pet genie in his room in Cartoon Numbscape.

Cartoon Numbscape

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Leonard Reynolds is a math wizard. He thrives in the subject in a way that nobody else could.  This is because he belongs to a family of real wizards using numbers as the basis of their enchantment. They knew eveything that has to do about mathematics. Leonard, like his family, is disappointed with humans. At seven, he mastered calculus while his human classmates are strugging with decimals points. One day, he’s decided to tutor his classmates because he thought he’d made a better teacher.

Leonard taught Math to his classmates in secret. The children enjoyed his tutorials because Leonard incorporated magic to get their attention. He frequently rewards them so that they’ll never lose interest in learning. He always makes sure that each of his classmates understood the subject. Leonard, no doubt, enjoys teaching them and as a result, spent more time with them than at home. He created a magical room to test them. They need to solve the equations in order to escape the room Leonard created.

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