Car Thievery

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Angelo was once a car thief but he let-go of that habit a year ago. He now lives in a small house in the forest peacefully. But that day though his instincts of thieving have come back to him for as he went from his house a bit further he found a yellow car just sitting on the trail!

Escape players, it’s like this is calling Angelo and he remembers that he still has his universal key that can open cars! Okay this is theft and nobody should do this for the sake of both sides, and plus Angelo should have resisted the urge to steal, but now it is too late. Will you assist Angelo here with this car? For you have no choice anymore but to help him.

Car Thievery is a brand new point-and-click car retrieval game from Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Car Thievery

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