Find The Car Key (Games 2 Mad)

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Kyle was a little confused when he found a guy here in the path on his car and he seems to be having a little trouble there. This is the wilds and seeing another person here yet a car is very unusual. But Kyle is helpful and so he asked the guy if he can help.

The guy said he had lost his keys after he got out of his car one moment and now he could not go anywhere. Kyle thought about this then, for he thought maybe he has something that can help him back at the house? Or maybe he can just help and find the keys around here somewhere? Escape players, Kyle decided to do the latter and now he is helping this guy look for his missing key. Would you like to help too so that this person can leave?

Find The Car Key is a new point-and-click outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Find The Car Key (Games 2 Mad)

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