Safari Lodge Escape

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The safari lodge is really bringing the illusion that this place stands in the middle of the jungle, it is cozy but it’s actually not standing in the middle of the wilderness, just at the edge of it. Tracy is there for she rented the place for her vacation. It was a great stay but there was something though in the house when she was about to leave and check out.

Tracy could not get herself out of there for the doors seems to be all locked! She doesn’t know what happened and she fears she might have touched something which caused this strange problem. Escape players, Tracy now wants to get out of there but she will not be panicking about it and potentially damaging things there. Will you help her out of the place calmly then?

Safari Lodge Escape is a brand new point-and-click indoor escape game released by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Safari Lodge Escape

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