Escape From Vampire Forest

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The vampire forest looks beautiful and inviting, but nobody should be a fool to it though, for it is home to different types of vampires and most of them are very much blood-thirsty. That day, Marcus was feeling adventurous and he went there, that absolutely backfired on him and now the vampires there are tracking him down across the land!

Marcus definitely regretted in entering there, he also regretted in not thinking about this in the first thought, like planning how he should be doing this. Now he is lost there and the vampires are slowly creeping in. Escape players, help Marcus in this now before the vampires catches-up on him and who knows then what could happen to him.

Escape From Vampire Forest is the newest point-and-click dangerous wilderness escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Vampire Forest

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