Camel Soldier Rescue

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The soldier who loves camels is a great one, he is good in tactics and when his camels get involve in that, he becomes even more effective. That day though something happened to him and now he needs help.

The camel soldier or camel warrior as he is called, is trapped in this cage! Escape players, thankfully you found him immediately for who knows what could have happened if his situation takes longer there, for it is still a mystery of who actually did this to him. Will you be able to get him out of there by finding stuff so you can all finally leave safely? Carefully on this, for the man is old and doesn’t have his original strength.

Camel Soldier Rescue is another new point-and-click outdoors rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Camel Soldier Rescue

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3 months ago

Brr, what a scary place) I wouldn’t want to be there)