World War Soldier Escape

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This old bastion has guards both olden times and new times, they get along well, but not too well though for scuffles can happen once in a while between the parties. Things are okay most of the time and now, but something happened that day though and that prompted some guys to help.

A world war II veteran just got trapped in one of the rooms there! As one of the guards in the place, you need to help this man for this kind of thing happens very rarely, and plus this guy is a veteran and his service must be thanked. Escape players, you will now be playing as the guard here who found the man, will you be able to find things that can free the man safely and quickly?

World War Soldier Escape is a new point-and-click rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for World War Soldier Escape

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