Help The Giant Werewolf

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Monterey knows of the werewolves that lives in the forest here. They are dangerous, but Monterey have already struck a deal with them and that’s why they leave each other alone. But that day though he might need to get involved, for as Monterey was roaming around the woods, he found a massive cage and in it was a massive werewolf!

Monterey have never seen a werewolf this size, he has a question though, why would this one not return to a human? And where was his comrades? Quite weird. Escape players, even when this sounds ridiculous though he will help this werewolf get free but it will be a big risk for his sake. That’s why you will be helping Monterey here with this. Help find an object or a key that can open this cage, if it’ll open then be very careful after and try to stay calm, for this massive wolf is very angry right-now.

Help The Giant Werewolf is another new point-and-click mythical creature rescue escape game made by Hidden O Games.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Giant Werewolf

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