Car Scour Station Escape Game

Car Scour Station Escape

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Car Scour Station Escape is the newest point and click shop escape game from Genie Fun Games for more fun escapes with us daily. Good luck!

The car wash got a little-bit messy that day for it was quite busy in the other slot and manpower should be concentrated there, as most of the men went to the other slot car-wash, Drake was left at the station which was slow that day, so at least an employee should be there to clean-up the remaining messes and to overall man the place. Well little did they know however that the simple messes there was actually one of the big contributors of Drake getting in-trouble in the shop.

Drake was hurrying in taking-on the clutter there for it's still operating hours and customers could just come in anytime, as he was fixing-up what's there, there he realized he misplaced the important keys thanks to all of the mess and to top it all off, the exits in the place could not be opened mysteriously! Drake was now very confused of so many things and why was this weird thing happening, but he must keep going though or his problem is only going to get worst there. It's suppose to be easy to escape from the shop here especially if you're an employee, but something different is happening here and it could require some good skills and logic, so escape players care to try the shop escape adventure with Drake and see if you can also solve the problem here? Have fun then!


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  1. Date: August 13, 2019
    Author: dewed
    Car scour? lol [Reply]

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