Sunshine Villa Escape Game

Sunshine Villa Escape

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Try this awesome escape adventure here in a luxurious place. Sunshine Villa Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Selfdefiant for more fun escapes with us. Enjoy!

Grey woke-up one morning and was instantly greeted with a very creepy feeling for she is not in her own room anymore! Grey completely remembers that she had slept in her room and she wasn't even drunk, that's where she thought that somebody might have brought her here and because there's nobody around at the moment, it seems that she had only been taken from her home and then just abandoned her there. Nevertheless, she must find-out where she is and escape while being careful of being spotted too, that's if somebody is actually in the place.

Escape players, Grey here is in a situation she really could not understand, but she is willing not to if the price is for her is just to escape, well she must still find that out however. Try the luxurious villa escape here with Grey for fun! Go ahead and use the best of your skills as well as your logic for a successful escape from an unfamiliar place. Good luck everyone!

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