Mystery Universe 1 Game

Mystery Universe 1

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Mystery Universe 1 is a brand new point and click escape game released by 5n Games for more escape adventures here and mysteries to uncover. Have Fun!

Chet was a traveler from the stars and he had been journeying for hundreds of years throughout the galaxy, he had only been placing himself in cryostasis to survive the long travels and ever since he started he had been to many places in the milky way discovering mysteries and learning new things. One Earth day, Chet entered the atmosphere of a planet which was alive and supporting life to a upon a multitude of beings calling the place home.

Chet landed on Earth in what was the time when the Americans are still under civil-war, gold prospecting, going-on expeditions and discover new lands. Chet was amazed what the planet was and how it was different from the other places he had visited, he admired it and wanted to discover more about it even though he landed in an abandoned mine or something, he must be very careful though for at this time anything that a human sees which he cannot understand, most of the time he destroys. Chet needs to stay alert as he uncover the mysteries of this new place he arrived into, will he ever make it and leave without confrontation? Escape players, you can join the adventure here with the off-worlder Chet, good luck and enjoy with the adventures with us.

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