Bygone Town 03 Game

Bygone Town 03

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Bygone Town 03 is another new point and click old town escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous game as its sequel, and a part of the first one as a starting-point of the series. Good luck!

Willem is very close to the edge of this mysteriously abandoned town now where he lives and had been living all his life, still he could not find any clues on whatever happened and the area is still devoid of people. He thought maybe when he gets to the very edge of this place then he'll get a hint on what's really up. On his adventure, he did found one alive thing at least, but it wasn't human and he can't communicate to it with meaning.

Willem found a goat tied-down and it looked like it hadn't been released yet to the fields, that's another clue which means the disappearance of the people here didn't happen so long. But Willem must continue to find more clues here so he can figure-out what he needs to do next. Escape players, join Willem on this 3rd sequel here while he escapes from the town. The weird occurrence here still remains a mystery, and Willem now has the goal to find-out what really happened. Join in the town escape here everyone, have fun!

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