War Soldiers Escape Game

War Soldiers Escape

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Come and check this daring rescue everyone. War Soldiers Escape is the newest point and click town rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly for more fun adventures. Best of luck!

The kingdom had just engaged in full-on war and it didn't go well, for the rivaling invaders were quite powerful and are now marching all-over the place. There are fires going in different parts of the area now and the villagers are scrambling around aimlessly. Every man in the kingdom now is fighting for their lives and their country, even the prince is raging in battle. Tao who was a high-ranking official in the kingdom's army, just hopes for the royal family to be safe, for everything here will fall if all is lost for them.

Tao has the job of protecting this place, but he can't do it alone, that's why he planned to gather every man, injured, and the ones who can still fight so he can amass back an army to thwart the invaders, but in-order to get that done he must get through the dangers of the place so he can successfully make the rescue now. Escape players, Tao will be risking his life here, but he'd rather risk it fighting than just sit and wait to die. Care to join in with Tao and see if you can gather enough soldiers to keep going? Stay alert on the adventure then.

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