Ghost Town Hospital – Mirrored Dimension

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Ghost Town Hospital – Mirrored Dimension is hardened edition of old escape game created by Ainars. Explore abandoned building and search for 35 star artifacts to activate portal and escape from this dark place. Good luck and have fun!

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Walkthrough video for Ghost Town Hospital – Mirrored Dimension

Ghost Town Hospital - Mirrored Dimension game video walkthrough
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Doug Guest
Doug Guest
2 months ago

It’s great to see Ainars back pumping out games again!! We have missed you buddy!!

2 months ago

Thank you for your work, I bow to your productivity!

Due to the fact that I could not find the last star in any way, I ran 10 circles there. Usually my habit of clicking not only on suspicious places, but on everything in a row, gives the result. But this time I shamefully missed up the star and had to act unsportsmanlike – opened the walkthrough. And the star, as it turned out, was in sight.

As a result, it feels as if have really been there. Brrr…