Tied Up Guy Rescue Game

Tied Up Guy Rescue

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Tied Up Guy Rescue is brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun on this attempt to rescue someone who is trapped!

The old town here is being abandoned for a lot of factors had contributed to it, from bad governance to lack of resources, the people just vacates the area to find greener pastures. Lemuel who was one of the inspection teams assigned in the area, is quite disappointed that the town didn't survive to the greatest, he had also lived in the place for a decade before and memories just comes back as he roams around the area.

There are only a few people left here and the members of the team are trying their best to get them out for the government is just going to convert the place into something else. Lemuel was directed to a certain house which he knew a certain person is living, he might probably be old now that's why Lemuel needs to act upon him soon for the move. As he checks the house however, he came to find that the man he was going to guide was actually in-trouble and at the moment, he can't answer the door for he is trapped inside one of his rooms! Lemuel was confused and shocked as to what he had found, but because he is the first person who probably noticed this, he must act upon the situation quickly. Escape players, join in the rescue here with Lemuel, see if you can get the trapped person out and get some answers then. Good luck!

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