Bubbly Pups Escape Game

Bubbly Pups Escape

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Your bubbly pup suddenly got quiet. He would usually run around the house making his presence known. He always wants to be next to you. You may not give him any attention, but it's enough for him to be by your side. Sometimes you find this annoying. But most of the time, you enjoy his company. It seems like you have sunshine wherever you go. Your puppy isn't so used to the outdoors yet. So whenever you go outside, he would just look through the glass door. He would sometimes whine but when you give him the chance to get out, he would just sit still. You find this funny and adorable making you get inside quickly to play with him. Today, you want to enjoy the yard with him. You left the door open so he could easily step outside when he finds the courage.

You continue your work in the garden hoping he would bump his nose to your arm. However, you have waited for at least half an hour already and still no sign of the puppy. You get inside the house and call the puppy but you can't stop him anywhere. Play Bubbly Pups Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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