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Escape From Pharaoh

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Thank you for trying-out the game here everyone, have fun with us daily. Escape From Pharaoh is a brand new point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy!

The pharaoh who has the power to turn an entire nation just got angry to Sekh! It was a small mistake but well, the pharaoh wasn't in a good mood that time, and the problem was about the food which the pharaoh is very meticulous of. Sekh is just a servant boy who serves under the king's catering crew, but well something happened which the pharaoh got mad of and placed Sekh into the pyramid dungeons which was once used as a graveyard.

Sekh is now trapped inside the complex which was of course, converted for when it was a graveyard before, a lot of people accidentally died in there thanks to how it was built and is quite dangerous. Sekh must be very careful here and even though the place is now a dungeon, it doesn't really mean it's impossible to escape from it. Sekh is currently locked in the place and he must find a way out to finally leave and never come-back to the pharaoh's kingdom, will he be able to accomplish all of that without getting caught? Escape players, you are very much welcome to try the escape adventure here in the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Place yourself on Sekh's situation and stay alert. Best of luck!

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