Magical House 03 Game

Magical House 03

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This magical house must have been what was present in your dream last night. You went to sleep last night with no imaginations moving about in your head. Usually, before losing consciousness during sleep, you would imagine some scenes you would want to take place in your life. They didn't have to be realistic. They just have to be fun and make you feel good. But last night, you were so sleepy that you didn't have time to think about anything. You immediately fell asleep and found yourself in a new place. It was an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. However, you seemed to be able to communicate with them with minimal difficulty despite the language barrier. You were to get on a bus going somewhere you didn't even know. The bus stopped in front of a house and you immediately felt something magical about it.

You got out of the bus and took a look around the house. You couldn't deny that it screamed magical in any way you looked at it. Then you entered the house since curiosity took over. Everything was fine until you realized you couldn't find the way out anymore. Play Magical House 03 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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