Bright Deer Forest Escape

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The deer forest is a nice place to go in an adventure into indeed, but if people have to do that though they should understand the risks and because it is a forest, that risk is very real. People have actually gotten across it and most of them said the journey wasn’t easy, some didn’t even make it out at all! Still though, some have the guts to go there and for the day, Elmer and some of his friends decided to travel through one of its trails for their true reason was maybe to capture photos of the various deer species there.

And so, Elmer and his friends moved around through a trail and everything was going smooth, so smooth even that Elmer asked himself how did people got lost in there even for this thing seems to be pretty easy? Elmer will get that answer himself soon for as they were going, he did not notice he went to a different path than his friends and he never noticed it that he did until it was already too late! Elmer was tinkering with his camera as they passed-by a split on the path, he did not notice he took the opposite side of the split and now, he has no idea where he is! Elmer tried calling for his friends, but it seems they are too far apart now to be heard. This is not good, and to answer his question earlier, this could be it of why people gets lost there. Escape players, Elmer doesn’t want to end-up one of the lost people there, and soon he will if he doesn’t do something, for the sun will be coming down in a short while. Okay then, will you help Elmer here navigate before he gets even more lost there in the forest?

Bright Deer Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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