Bride Escape Game

Bride Escape

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Ted works as a bridal driver and he takes brides, newly weds, to church or out from it and sometimes does errands to receptions in weddings. That day, he is to take a bride to the church and quickly too for there isn't much time before the wedding starts. Ted waited a bit outside of the bride's house until he decided it had gone too long and she still haven't gone out of her place, soon she will be late. And so Ted knocked at the door and to his surprise, it was open. He called for anybody inside and that's when he heard the call for help!

The call seems to be coming from a room in the house and when he really listened to it, he knew then that the bride is trapped in a room in the house and she couldn't get herself out! Ted only expected to bring the bride to her groom so they can be wed, but he never thought that he'd make a rescue here, which of course he will do. Escape players, will you help Ted here rescue the bride while there is still time for the wedding?

Bride Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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